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This one is literally “fresh of the press”. An art zine project I just turned in today as a 2nd project in the design communication class. I had to create a name, concept, gather the content and – design it. The name is Artitude, which in the urban dictionary says something like this:


A description of a person becoming overly vehement over their particular artistic choice.
Art critic: How can you say picasso is the epitome of the cubist/surrealist movement. he holds not a candle to Dali you twit.

Pleb: Sure…

The content – most artwork and text are gathered from the web. There are lots of works by Slovenian photographers (interview – Katja Kremenić, reportages by Nat Geo photographer Ciril Jazbec), articles about JR, critical design and also new design and photography talents … Sadly, the zine won’t go any further (just one copy) and be sold or duplicated in any way. The the timeline to gather all the authors’ approval was impossible, so this is for academic purposes only.
And some more shots of the design below.


I was usually involved with bands through photography, but this time I did the album design for a local band in Novo mesto called El Kachon. They are a cool blues/rock band with a few released records already – listen to their music here. The album just came out, so support your local band! The photography was done by Jernej Kokol, check him out too!

cd_jewelcase_01_kachon cd_jewelcase_03_kachon





A photobook with my photographs I have presented in the 1st semester of my masters as the final work for the photography class in the Academy of Fine Arts of Ljubljana. All analog photographs by me, printed by Luminus studio in Novo mesto. Thanks to Peter Koštrun for all the support with this one!


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Some randomly arranged photographs from the most recent wedding I did – the lovely couple Simon & Tanja. The wedding took place in Novo mesto and the dinner took place in Zidanica Opara, Trebnje. I will publish some shots from the wedding book itself soon! Enjoy and all the best to the newly weds! You can check some more of the photos in the portfolio area soon.

Special thanks to Jan Rifelj for backing me up as an assistant for a few hours!


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