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Me and my brother have finally launched a project that was planned for a long time. Since there is more and more smokers changing to rolled tobacco, we felt there is a a need for a better product to help you get rid of the smoking accessory clutter in your pockets. After a few prototypes we finally settled for 5 color schemes + limited editions every now and then. All the bags are made locally by hand and therefor each and every one is unique. If you are interested in the product, take a look at our FACEBOOK site (webshop coming up soon!).


This is the first part of the project I started to do in Lisbon, because I was quite shocked how many homeless people live and sleep on the streets of Lisbon. The statistics are unsure, but its estimated that there are several hundred or maybe more living on the main streets and the numbers are rising and that is result of the crisis, which made a major impact in Portugal. The first 25 pictures were made for the final project in the class of Fotografia e Reportagem, mentored by Luisa Ferreira, and I am continuing the project until I will stay here. I tried not to confront them and I avoid taking pictures up-close, because I want to show them in the context, to show the place they sleep, which can sometimes be just a step in front of a hotel, a small space in front of a store and sometimes you walk past them and don’t even realize they are hidden in the shadows.


 Check out more images in the portfolio section.